5 reasons to attend an online Career Expo as a Business

The way in which companies position themselves in front of students is changing at a rapid pace. Companies that don’t move with the time will definitely be playing catch up and this is not a position you want to be in. Rather embrace technology and see it as a partner, rather than a threat, as it will free up your time to focus on aspects that need your brain power. Here are 5 reasons why you should move with the times.

Online Career Expo Benefits

1. Powerful and lasting Brand Awareness

Hosting the expo online, ensures that there is potential for brand awareness to extend over a longer period as marketing campaigns can run for months prior to the actual expo as opposed to a couple of hours or days at a physical expo.

The digital sphere allows you to push your brand through various channels i.e. social, emails, blog posts. Additionally, through having virtual stands, you can design and sell your company in an original way. Stands can be really interactive with quizzes and running competitions – if done correctly, this can position your company very well in  competitive space.

2.  Bigger Audience

Not every single student attends the career expos that take place at their school or university. Out of the students that DO attend, only a percentage of them will see your stand. Out of the students that see your stand, only some will engage with you. There is only so much physical space and time in which to communicate with students.

In contrast, an online career expo has much less potential for missed engagements. There are very few limits – candidates can engage whenever they want, and there is very seldom an attendance limit. A bigger audience also means a more diverse audience, this is what modern businesses strive towards. You want the pool of attendees to be as diverse as possible and an online career expo will ensure this. Your typical expo usually hosts roughly 80-100 companies however, you won’t have to compete for the same space anymore.

3. Build a candidate pipeline

As your business grows, there will constantly be a need for sourcing potential new employees. Usually these new employees are graduates that add to your bottom line, and grow vertically into the business.

What better place to market your company and build your talent pipeline than a platform of graduates looking for companies with potential employment opportunities to motivate them? Technology ensures that you are having more meaningful conversations with candidates rather than meaningless conversations with candidates that aren’t suitable.

4. Easy Setup

Setting up a physical stand at a traditional expo can be a logistical nightmare. An online expo eliminates these logistics and saves you resources. There is no need to travel anywhere or pick up bulk branded pens; the set up can be done from your own home. The stand can be set up in a matter of minutes giving you and your company time to focus on more important things.

5.  Exchange of information

You no longer need to rely on human interaction for the incredibly valuable exchange of information that goes on at career expos, making communication that much easier. Digital flyers and brochures are made readily available for download –  you don’t have to worry about if you have printed enough, or whether you’ll have time to speak to as many candidates as possible, they’ll get all the information they need straight from your virtual stand. Your vision, your mission and company culture can now be easily accessed by the people you most want to engage with.

Summing up

In conclusion, it is as easy to get ahead as it is to fall behind. Make sure you are driving your company forward by staying relevant and embracing technology. We’re here to facilitate these progressions for you – reach out to one of our friendly consultants here if you have any questions.

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