5 Things To Avoid Posting On Your Social Media As A Job Seeker

Most employers go one step further and don’t just take your CV and interview at face-value.  A further screening step that has increased in popularity is using candidates’ social media as an additional reflection of character. It might be seen as fun and lighthearted to you, but the things you post and the image you put out there, could actually cost you a job that you qualify for.

These are 5 tips will help you to remain employable while using social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms.

1. Pay Attention 

No one’s going to hire someone whose resume says “attenion to detail”. It might seem like a common mistake, but it can damage your application, and your professional image. On social media, you can prove your attention to detail by proofreading your posts. 

 2. Poor Communication

There are typos, and then there’s just bad writing. That can mean lack of clarity, wordiness or a mish-mash of styles. The use of excessive slang and swear words can also make you seem unprofessional. On Facebook your tone should be casual and simple, but LinkedIn requires a more formal tone – show that you understand the difference in platforms, and what they require. 

3. Your Professional Personality 

The different use of tone should not be confused for altered personalities. Your social media should still reflect who you are. You might display different facets of your personality on different platforms, and that’s okay – as long as you don’t present as somebody new in your interview, or on your CV. Remember, this includes handles and usernames – keep them professional!  

4. Keep it PG

Everyone has a life outside of work. What you do in your spare time is your own business, and your own decision. But, don’t let inappropriate pictures of you taint the professional image you’ve successful crafted. Nudity, being very obviously intoxicated, or the use of illegal substances should definitely stay off your social media. 

5. Behind Closed Doors 

Sharing your opinion online can turn bad very quickly. If you have strong opinions about contentious or controversial topics, keep them offline. Most companies have policies against discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexuality and more. If there’s evidence of you going against these policies, chances are you won’t get an interview. 

If you adhere to these guidelines, and use your social media to display the best parts of your personality, these platforms could help to position you as an outstanding candidate.  


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