A 4-Week Guide to a Growth Mindset 

“You will never change until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent” 

Mistakes, setbacks, and challenges in life are inevitable. We’re going to be faced with situations we feel we have no solutions to, we’re bound to make mistakes and be challenged. However, understanding that we have control over our destiny and that it is never too late to learn, develop and improve our abilities, is surely one of the most holistic tickets to success. Not only that, I believe this truly speaks to our capability of happiness. 

As opposed to a Fixed Mindset, which is the assumption that our intelligence, character, and creative abilities are stagnant – a Growth Mindset sees every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow, focusing on the process and the journey, rather than the outcome. A Growth Mindset acknowledges that the process of learning is continuous, and that effort does not necessarily guarantee success. I preach this all the time: We can NEVER control what life throws our way, or our circumstances; however, we will always be given the freedom to choose how we frame our mindset to react in those situations. 

Why a Growth Mindset is so important 

These are ever-changing times. The current climate of the world has presented us with a new way of living, we have had to endure many challenges – the primary challenge I feel, being the isolation that has come with the pandemic. We have had to spend so much time alone, and I for one can vouch for how frustrating this has been. Let me tell you why… 

Responsibility. The past few months have had us take so much responsibility, not only for ourselves, our health, and our work, but for the mistakes that we have made along the way too. We have had to learn how to make mistakes, learn from those, while learning and developing new skills to try and stay relevant, competitive, and in the game, more especially in the workplace. ALL WITHOUT FALLING APART. It couldn’t have been easy for anyone, but I believe we have made it because somewhere in each of us is a Growth Mindset. 

Having a Growth Mindset means seeing mistakes and setbacks not as detriments but as springboards for success while learning to extend kindness to yourself when you do make those mistakes. It’s reframing your mindset and how you approach failure and setbacks from: “How did I do?” to “What can I do better next time?” This helps us to cope and  see setbacks and failure as an opportunity to learn, bounce back and do better next time. 

A Growth Mindset requires consistency and patience, it is a process and a journey, not an easy one – but one that will leave you fulfilled.

Your guide to a Growth Mindset:


During this week, you would be building the foundation for your Growth Mindset. Think of yourself as a child, in essence, cultivate a beginner’s mind. You are introducing the concept of a Growth Mindset to yourself so that you may gain a better understanding of the world around you.

  • Define a Growth Mindset.
  • What is a mindset, and what is the importance of it?
  • What are GROWTH and FIXED mindsets?

Remember, there is no right way of learning. This process will definitely look different for everyone because everyone learns differently. (Be kind to yourself)


Now, this week is all about trying to find opportunities or situations where you could apply your Growth Mindset,  by reflecting on its meaning and implementing it in your daily routine. In creating visuals, affirmations, and discussions for yourself, you are learning to reframe your mind to make room for a Growth Mindset by embracing it in your day-to-day tasks and activities. 

  • Reflect on the definitions.
  • Create a list of Growth Mindset statements.
  • Create a display of Growth Mindset visuals.
  • Add Growth Mindset discussions to your daily routine. 


This might be a difficult week for some, as it would require you to be vulnerable, to admit to your weaknesses and struggles, by trying to actually connect to the Growth Mindset. This week would require you to prioritize learning over what you think you already know, and acknowledge the new ways of thinking and being that exist in the world. 

This is where you’d really have to extend kindness to yourself, by learning something new so that you can come to understand the notion of a Growth Mindset – it is a process, you may not have it on lock, but it’s just a matter of “yet”.

  • Show your struggles. 
  • Try to connect your feelings with the mindset.
  • Learn something new.
  • Use the power of “YET”. 


And would you look at that, in a blink of an eye, you will have made it to the final week. This week, you’d have to embody the Growth Mindset by practicing it. We’ve heard this all our lives “practice makes perfect.” – so you’d take a moment, reflect on how far you’ve come, reflect on the good and where you’ve fallen short, say “This is going to take time, I’m not where I want to be, yet. I am learning, I have not failed, because I have just started.” and… keep it moving chile! 

  • Praise yourself correctly. 
  • Use positive reinforcement.
  • Provide room for “productive struggle”.
  • Reframe mistakes and failures. 
  • Hit Pause. 

So… I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t rush to say “I can’t” – life is not easy. Starting something new? It is difficult. Mistakes? It’s okay to make them. Setbacks? They DO NOT DEFINE YOU. Let your Growth Mindset come in and save the day, always. I promise it’s worth it. Happy Growth-Mindsetting! 


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