A complete profile is your ticket to securing an FLP opportunity

We’re on track to getting you ready for your funded learning programme journey. In the last article, we spoke about the importance of getting onto the FLP waiting list and how it could change your overall journey to employment. This time around we’ve got information on why a complete profile matters and what it says about you as a candidate.

The benefits of having a complete profile when applying for funded learning programmes are so many, where do we even begin?

Having a profile allows you to be considered at the very least and having a complete profile just takes things to the next level and says 5 things about you to the FLP provider.

  1. Having a complete profile is like setting the first impression. Once an FLP provider sees your complete profile they will be able to see just how determined you are to get an opportunity with them, your skillset, educational background, and all other information that will help them make decisions in the shortest time possible.
  2. A complete profile saves so much time on both the recruiters’ and your end and could lead you to get an opportunity in the shortest amount of time possible. Having a complete profile means that your suitability for the available opportunity can be assessed quicker and you can get a response in no time. Your skills and competencies will be scanned and assessed immediately when an opportunity becomes available and you will be matched with an opportunity as soon as it becomes available.
  3. With a complete profile, you won’t have to constantly reapply whenever an opportunity becomes available. Once you complete your profile, it stays on record which means that you won’t have to constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities as they come out and you can get access to the 1 click apply option. What is already on record will be used to match your profile when something new comes up! Again this time saving means you’ll be ready for opportunities when they become available rather than waiting.
  4. You get to save the resources that physical applications require. The most frustrating part of being an applicant is all the documents that you need to submit and the resources it takes to have those readily available. With a complete profile, all your details will be in one safe place and you won’t need to make endless copies with every new application that you make.
  5. Storing your information on a digital platform is great because whenever something changes all you need to do is update it online and it won’t compromise your entire application or profile. This is worlds apart from paper applications!

Now let’s compare this with an incomplete profile.

What an incomplete profile says about you as a job-seeker:

An incomplete profile on the other hand means that you either will not be considered or that more information will be required to get you some consideration.

Although recruiters and FLP providers are always on the lookout for young talent to give a chance, an incomplete profile does more harm than good.

You miss out on so much because you may not have filled in important information or things that could have made your profile stand out from the rest.

Think about it this way, In a sea of applicants, a complete profile can make you stand out!

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