Dealing With Year-End Fatigue

Reflection Time 

You’re probably feeling a bit more tired, irritable and having longer days than usual.  Additionally, if you’re dealing with a lack of energy and are constantly exhausted then you’re definitely someone who may be dealing with Year-End fatigue. As 2021 winds down we need to reflect on the year that’s probably rocked us the most.

2021 has been filled with ups and downs, trying to maneuver around the biggest pandemic of the decade while simultaneously adjusting to new ways of work. What we can definitely agree on is that we’re all tired and ready to wind down during these last few weeks before we can call it a year!
So, if you’re experiencing Year-End fatigue – here is a detailed explanation of what you’re experiencing, why you’re feeling it and how you can bounce back.  

End of the year fatigue is a phenomenon experienced by some as the end of the year draws nearer, where they start to feel more tired, irritable and overwhelmed. It may feel as though every day at this time of the year is just getting slower and slower while the work keeps piling up in preparation to close off 2021.

So why do I feel this way? 

  1. Working and studying from home – This has done a number on us as most of us associate our homes with relaxation, peace and most importantly rest. It’s now turned into “the office”. Navigating this new space has been quite challenging as merging two spaces definitely affects your mental health and productivity as we all have gotten used to working from bed or the couch. 
  2. Strict lockdowns and constant adjustments on how we can socialise and try to live life around the COVID-19 pandemic – We’ve been subjected to a lot of isolation from loved ones, lack of interaction with others outside of your household. Health related anxiety, uncertainty and lonely grief have affected us the most, be kind to yourself, you deserve it! 
  3. Survival mode has been the order of the year – We’ve spent so much of the year trying to survive each day, mentally, physically and emotionally. This has contributed to the tiredness as everyday feels like “Survivor 2021” where you just have to get through it no matter how you’re feeling. 

Now that we’ve identified the problem and had time to reflect on the realities and causes of this fatigue, Let’s get into how you can manage the stress and fatigue as well as  how to move forward and get you going in these last few weeks. The goal here is to learn how to start strong and finish strong. 

How to handle stress and fatigue 

  1. Try new work spaces – Try outside environments like your garden, patio and even the park! Sounds a bit weird but exposing yourself to fresh air, a bit of sunlight and change of scenery really does wonders for your productivity. 
  2. Explore your home a bit more – Now you could be asking yourself what exactly this means. But think about it, you may have a recipe book that you’ve never tried out, a garden that needs some work or even a hammock that you got but never sat on. Try these out and see that there’s more to your home than it just being an “office or classroom” 
  3. Destress by trying by revisiting hobbies that you’ve neglected over the years – We’ve all got that gym membership that we’ve never used and a hobby or book that was never read past the introductory chapter, now is the time to dig in! 

Moving forward 

  1. Gear up for the holidays, it’s almost time for the most wonderful time of the year. – It is time to dust off the last 11 months as you prepare to unwind. This gives you something to look forward to, an outlet for stress and a good opportunity to reflect and recharge. 
  2. Identifying what your stressors are and where your exhaustion comes from is a step in the right direction – This introduces you to fresh and exciting ways to get things going and finish the year off strong. These may seem like small changes but are guaranteed to get your energy going and help you destress and be productive again. 

2021 has really been a tough year for us all, it’s given and taken so much from us and added new kinds of stressors that we’ve never dealt with before. Year-end fatigue isn’t new at all, there are just so many factors than usual contributing to it now. Don’t underestimate the effect that a new and often lonely life can have on you. With that said, It’s always a good idea to reflect on what’s happened, why it happened and most importantly how you can move forward from it in the next year.

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