Easter Treasure Hunt


Let the games begin!

In the spirit of Easter weekend coming up, we thought it would be fun to give you guys, our members, something fun and informative to do. We’ve put together a treasure hunt for you, with the winners receiving some pretty cool prizes.

The winner can win not just data and food vouchers, but also a one-on-one coaching session with anyone in our team, including Jaryd! If you’re interested in participating, then please read on.

Let the games begin!

How does it work?

The way that it works is like a typical hunt. You’ll systematically go from clue to clue in your quest to complete the hunt. Once you’ve completed a step, the next step gets made clear to you and you then complete that step, and so on…

There are many fun and interactive steps planned – for those special members who get to the end before the deadline will then be put into a draw. We will select five lucky candidates from the pool.

First Step/Clue

Happy Hunting!

What can you win

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