21st Century Teaching and Learning: Creative Thinking (Foundation Phase)

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In the 21st Century workplace, businesses want people who are creative thinkers, flexible thinkers, people who are able to see new ways of doing things and who are able to innovate rapidly in an ever-changing market place.

As much as students need to learn academic content, they also need to know how to keep learning — and make effective and innovative use of what they know — throughout their lives.

There are two types of thinking Skills. Critical Thinking; which is a persistent effort to examine evidence which supports any belief, solution or conclusion prior to its acceptance. Critical thinking is about thinking clearly and reasoning logically.

Creative Thinking; which is “the act of being able to produce along new and original lines” – Costa A (1985) Developing Minds. We teach creative thinking so children will be producers of knowledge not just consumers of knowledge

This course covers a number of creative thinking tools that can be taught to children in the Foundation Phase.

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21st Century Teaching and Learning: Creative Thinking (Foundation Phase)

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