Adobe Flash Course

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What's the Story?

Create Amazing Flash Applications with Audio & Video


This Flash Course is aimed at students who are new to the Flash environment. During the training, students will benefit from hands-on practice with Flash to create engaging animations and stunning interactive designs.


In this Flash course, you will learn how to design anything using vector and all the built-in Flash design tools. We will also learn how to use the different built-in animation and effects presets to create amazing animations, banners, website effects and presentations.


We will also learn how to use Audio and Video in Flash by creating an audio application as well as using it on your website. Learn how to use Flash by doing. A very fun and interactive Flash Course in Pretoria / KZN.


This Flash course will cover everything you need to know on how to create amazing flash adverts all the way through to creating flash marketing websites, presentations Desktop Applications and much more.


We will also learn how to control Flash with ActionScript Code to create advanced Web and Desktop Applications.


We will even create an Audio Desktop Application.

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Full time on campus

2 Days: 09:00 - 14:00

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Adobe Flash Course

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