Aquaponics: Content Created by Stellenbosch University

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This Aquaponics course is an introductory course into the field of Aquaponics. Aquaponics is an ancient food growing technology that has been around since the earth has had water with fish and plants growing together naturally. Aquaponics is nature at work similar to an ecosystem in nature. In nature, the fish eat whatever they find for food, and their waste is broken down by the bacteria in the water, creating nutrients for the plants. The plants then absorb these nutrients; and in doing so, they help clean the water for the fish.

The word “aquaponics” comes from two separate words. The first word is “aqua”, which, of course, means water; but in this case, the “aqua” is from another compound word “aquaculture” (the raising of fish). The second word is “ponics”, which is Latin for work, and comes from its use in “hydroponics” (working at growing plants in water, hydro).

By completion of this course the learner will understand the technology of Aquaponics, be able to design and managed his or her own aquaponics system.

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Aquaponics: Content Created by Stellenbosch University

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