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As a new or Intern Estate Agent in South Africa, you must complete your Intern Logbook Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) or EAAB Logbook as it is sometimes referred to, within 12 months from the date your Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) is issued.  The PropAcademy Intern Logbook: Project course is designed to enable you to easily complete all 10 suggested EAAB projects.  Once you grasp the significance of the templates you will use them throughout your career in real estate.


To help intern agents through this often complex and confusing process and kick-start your career, we’ve developed a series of innovative e-Learning courses: The Intern Logbook: Premium course; the Intern Logbook: Knowledge course; and the Intern Logbook: Projects course.  This Project course will show you how to prepare your assignments to the EAAB specifications.  Please remember that throughout your internship, you must be mentored by your Principal Agent or a Full Status Agent who has held this status for more than three years.


A total of 10  Projects are provided as individual modules, along with PropAcademy-developed templates. Each project must be treated as a separate assignment, using the templates to help you every step of the way.  The modules are easy to follow and give you a “hands-on” connection with PropAcademy.


Why buy this course?  It’s quick, detailed, easy-to-understand, online, enabling you to complete it from anywhere.

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Intern Logbook – Projects course

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