Matric – 5 Subjects

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If you’re still haunted by your past matric results, it’s time to give yourself a second chance with a Matric Upgrade.

Matric Upgrades are perfect for past matriculants who weren’t satisfied with their results and want a redo. By now, you will have a clear understanding of the career path you would like to take.

If this requires you to get into university, and you don’t meet the standard requirements, a Matric Upgrade is your best bet. Take the first step in advancing your career and learn more about Matric Upgrades.

Upgrading matric might sound intimidating at first, but the great news is you won’t have to attend classes again. Or redo all your old matric subjects. You can register to rewrite the subjects you failed, or take on new ones to meet the subject requirements. You will also get credits for the subjects you’ve already passed.

Note: There is an additional early bird discount of 20% if you pay the full amount before you start.

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Matric – 5 Subjects

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