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The ICI Private Investigations course is designed for those: with an interest in private investigation techniques and methodologies, those who may wish to carry out their own personal private investigations instead of hiring a PI. Licensed private investigators hold no special powers in comparison with ordinary citizens. Licensing in those jurisdictions that do licence PI’s use it a system of creating accountability and enables them to charge a fee for performing their services, those in the following professions who are not classified as Private Investigators but find the skills taught in the course particularly useful on a day to day basis: auditors / forensic accountants, corruption investigators, counsellors / psychologists, customs officers, complaints officers, corrective service officers, council compliance officers (eg. rangers), covert surveillance team member, criminal investigators, detectives, debt collectors, environmental protection officers, forensic specialists, fraud prevention officers, genealogists / family historians, investigation managers /, supervisors, insurance claims assessment officers, interviewers, journalists, ombudsman / consumer affairs staff, parks and wildlife officers, professional standards officers, police officers, policy development officers, quarantine inspectors, research officers, security officers, tertiary and school education managers, legal professionals (lawyers, solicitors, barristers) and paralegals, workplace health and safety inspectors
and people in similar positions or those who have a supportive or administrative role in an investigation.

Completing the ICI Private Investigator course can be beneficial to those employed or seeking employment in the above professions as it will demonstrate a unique set of skills which are seen as valuable in the above jobs. Such training will undoubtedly set you apart from your colleagues. At the same time, it also gives you an unfair advantage in applying / being considered for promotions and new employment positions that you may be competing for.

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