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These are the most commonly asked questions about Courses

We believe that education is the one thing that can save the world! This is why we have entered, sometimes exclusively, deals with certain education partners to make their courses available to you. In some cases, certain courses will have discounts attached to them that you can’t find anywhere else in the world!

We want you to reach your full potential, and in many cases a solid education can help you to grow into it.

You can check out the courses here: https://knowledgetrust.org/education/ 

We do indeed have free courses. In fact, we have two types of free content on our site and on our Whatsapp. You can either visit the courses section of the site and keep a keen eye out for all the free courses, or you can visit our Whatsapp bot, and look for the completely free nano-courses that we have on offer.

Education is very important to us, and we want to make sure that everyone has equal access to empowering themselves through education.

Nano-courses are free courses that can be found on our Whatsapp bot, and also through our site. All our nano-courses are created with the help of an educational partner in order to impart vital lessons to all our members.

We try to keep our nano-courses relevant to the experience of all our members. That’s why we have done them in topics such as “Growth mindset” and “Job prep”

Check out two of our nano-courses here:

Yes, if a course has a discount attached to it that means that you can pay for that course, less the discount, just for being a Knowledge Trust member!

So whenever you decide to take on a course by filling out the form, our partner institution will know that you came from us, and then you’ll be able to access that course at a discounted fee!

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