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Frequently Asked Questions


These are the most commonly asked General questions on the site and The Knowledge Trust in general

We always have opportunities available on our site. You just need to visit our opportunities page to see what we have on offer >https://knowledgetrust.org/opportunities/

Sometimes our opportunities aren’t as diverse, and we might not have any bursaries or learnerships available at any given moment. Be sure to keep an eye out, or keep reading our newsletters for any updates on what we’re offering.

Whether you’re looking for jobs/opportunities/learnerships, or you’re looking to learn more from the nano-courses that we have on offer, you will need to reach our Whatsapp number in order to get going.

No matter what you’re looking to do, simply text “Hi” to our number(084 030-9432) and you will receive assistance from there.

Please note: You won’t be able to communicate with our Whatsapp number as if it was a real person. All your interactions will have to follow the steps laid out before you. If you’re looking to speak to someone directly, please try communicating with us either directly via Twitter/Facebook, or emailing us at > [email protected]

Nano-courses are free courses that can be found on our Whatsapp bot, and also through our site. All our nano-courses are created with the help of an educational partner in order to impart vital lessons to all our members.

We try to keep our nano-courses relevant to the experience of all our members. That’s why we have done them in topics such as “Growth mindset” and “Job prep”

Check out two of our nano-courses here:

Sure, if you’re looking to help out then you can either contact our email address – [email protected], or you can make contact with our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Someone from the team will be more than happy to hear you out.

Also, if you get contacted to take part in an Insider Session, you’ll be able to share your ideas directly with one of our team members during your call.

Any thoughts, ideas, grievances, etc that you have and that you might want to share can be shared with our email account – [email protected].

You can also hit us up on our socials(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.). We would love to chat and engage with you. Feel free to reach out, we love interacting with our community.

This is money paid out to you for helping us, and a friend, with finding employment.
In other words, if you refer a friend to an opportunity on our site using your unique ref code, and then that friend gets the opportunity, then we’ll pay you a “Bounty” for your efforts. The standard bounty is R500 for every successful introduction, but if the person is a person with a disability, then w up the prize to R1,000.

The bounties often change when we’re doing a large campaign. The bount would then be standing a chance at winning your share of oru prizes, like cash, vouchers, cellphones, laptops, etc. Then the bounty isn’t guaranteed, but if you do win a piece, then the overall prize is much larger.

No, absolutely not. The Knowledge trust is open to all peoples in whatever ages, shapes, sizes, nationalities, and races that they come in. We welcome all members to get whatever they need from the site, and we don’t discriminate against anything.

We believe that learning and self-improvement is a lifelong process, and we would love to be with you every step of the way.

That depends on the bursary on offer. Certain partners will have their own restrictions, and ideal candidate profile in mind when giving out bursaries.

You’ll be able to see the qualifying requirements on all bursary posts whenever you take a look. Beyond the written requirements, there’s also a second set of requirements that you will face when applying on the form.

Should you not meet the form requirements, then you won’t be able to proceed with your application.

At the moment, most of our opportunities can be found in the Johannesburg and Cape Town regions. This is due to the fact that Johannesburg just has the most amount of opportunity available, and also our roots at The Knowledge Trust are based in Cape Town.

We’re always working hard to provide opportunities for those around the country, and we sometimes bring nationwide opportunities to the site.

Shift Tomorrow is a bi-annual campaign designed to remove roadblocks that prevent young people from advancing their careers. There have been six editions so far, including one as a partnership with Uber where young South Africans were awarded free Uber rides to get to and from their interviews.

Our whole goal is to level the playing field so that everybody has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential, and our Shift Tomorrow campaigns are a humble start at trying to fix the wrongs of the world with the help of our members and our partners.

We don’t sell or abuse your data in any way. We only collect data that is absolutely essential that our partners need for their purposes, and that data that we share is all in accordance with the POPI act.

Once the campaign is over and we’ve sent out the rejections, we purge all the data that you provide. We don’t keep things like IDs and Transcripts on record for longer than we need to.

We only collect the absolute essentials that are required for a campaign. We start with the basic info that we need for your account with the site. Things like your name, surname, gender, province.

For some campaigns, that is just your CV, and for others it might be your CV, ID number, and Proof of address.

We will never collect data that isn’t needed by either us or our partner in the process of your application.

You can reach us at our email address – [email protected]. You can also hit us up on our socials.

These are our social media handles
Facebook – @TheKnowledgeTrust
Twitter – @Knowledgetrust
Instagram – @Knowledge_Trust

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