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Frequently Asked Questions


These are the most commonly asked questions about Nigeria

We at The Knowledge Trust see ourselves as a forward-thinking organisation. We fully believe in Bitcoin, and some of the members who work for us even get paid a portion of their salaries in Bitcoin. As such, we will send you your bounty prize in Bitcoin! How exciting!

Yes, receiving your bounty in Bitcoin is completely safe. Some of our members in Nigeria even receive their full salaries in Bitcoin.

You just need to make sure that you have everything set up before we can pay you. If you’re struggling, someone from the team will help you out with the process.

Our graduate programmes are currently open to Nigerians. At the moment, though, our foray into Nigeria is still a recent one and so we’re still building relationships in Nigeria. It’s something that we’re currently and constantly working on. Keep an eye out and watch the growth over the next few months!

We’re still researching, but at the moment we have 4 Nigerian team members who are able to give us better insights into where we should step to and what we should avoid.

Our team is constantly learning, and we’re using all those insights to build our foothold in Nigeria.

At the moment, most of your value can be found in courses(From accredited institutions around the world), jobs(Our graduate programme), free nano-courses, and new and valuable perspectives. We’re still building and growing, but even in this infancy, there’s still a lot for Nigerian members to take from our website and Whatsapp bot.

Unfortunately, since learnership programmes are funded by provincial and national governments, if you’re not a South African citizen then you won’t be able to apply for a learnership.

Sometimes, if you live in the wrong province you still might not be able to apply because the funds that are laid out are only for those who come from the designated region. So someone from Gauteng might not be able to apply to a KZN learnership, even if they’re willing to move.

a) Most of our Circle members are between the ages of 18-25 but we have many between 25-37 as well. However, we believe that personal development, career growth and community is for everyone! As long as you are committed, you can apply to Growth Circles!

b) You need to be located in any of the areas where we currently have local circles. Currently we have in-person Circles in Khayelitsha, Cape Town and Nigeria so you need to be located in Khayelitsha, Cape Town or Nigeria to qualify for this.

To join, simply visit this application page and fill out your details. From there, a member of our team will get in contact with you to discuss next steps.

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