FAQs (Referrals)

Frequently Asked Questions


These are the most commonly asked questions about Referrals and how they work

For our normal opportunities, we pay R500 cash(R1,000 if it’s an opportunity for a person with a disability) for every successful introduction (someone getting a job/opportunity) that you make. When you’re referring to the opportunities on our site, you’re sharing a link, using your own unique code, that brings your friends/family to our site in order to apply.

This is money paid out to you for helping us, and a friend, with finding employment.
In other words, if you refer a friend to an opportunity on our site using your unique ref code, and then that friend gets the opportunity, then we’ll pay you a “Bounty” for your efforts. The standard bounty is R500 for every successful introduction, but if the person is a person with a disability, then w up the prize to R1,000.

The bounties often change when we’re doing a large campaign. The bounty would then be standing a chance at winning your share of our prizes, like cash, vouchers, cellphones, laptops, etc. Then the bounty isn’t guaranteed, but if you do win a piece, then the overall prize is much larger.

  • It’s a super simple process. All you have to do is visit the “refer a friend” page and share any particular opportunity that might interest your network. You can share it via Whatsapp, Facebook, or Twitter. The choice is yours, as long as they follow your unique link to our site. Your link for the various opportunities is already provided on the page, you simply have to copy and paste the provided links.


A standard link for an opportunity should look like this:

(example) https://knowledgetrust.org/job/call-centre-learnership-2/?ref=350001

“Refer a friend” page > https://knowledgetrust.org/refer-a-friend/

The best way to share all of our opportunities with your network, or people in general, would be via the main social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.). It’s the most simple and effective way to spread the word, and it won’t cost you a cent.

If you also happen to know someone who works in TV or radio who would be happy to share, then you can make contact with this email address: [email protected] . A lot of our members just want to spread the word and help out their communities. If you have any ideas on how we can better reach your community, please share them with the above address.

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