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Complete all 4 challenges, designed to maximise your career potential, and get ready for remote jobs all while winning millions of Rands of prizes!

the challenges

Each challenge earns you a badge.

Each badge gets you an entry into the draw for prizes.

Challenge 1:

Polish Your Profile

This challenge has 2 stages. First, watch all the helpful content and get a friend or family member to help you take the perfect smartphone headshot. Then, watch a webinar hosted by a Trusted Mentor on how to craft and enhance your CV. Complete the short quiz to test your knowledge, add your headshot to your new CV, and you’re done!

Challenge 2:

Who am I?

You’ll be amazed at how much easier your job search and interviews can be when you have insight into your personality type. Take this 10 minute 16-personalities test. Once you’re done, upload your results to your online profile and join a group of like-minded individuals!

Challenge 3:

Communicate Like a Pro

One thing you won’t get away from as a remote worker: Communication. Hone your skills in our super quick Art of Professional Communication course. Pass the test, gain access to challenge 5 and get one step closer to winning free data for a full year.

Challenge 4:

Get Certified

Enrol in Gitlab’s highly regarded All-Remote Online Course and get a crash course in all the essential skills need to get your first remote job. Pass the course, upload your certificate to your profile and get ready to start applying for your first remote gig. 


4 weeks. 4 challenges. Hundreds of prizes.

Thousands of lives changed.

The Global Youth campaign runs from Wednesday 24 June to Friday 31 July.

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