Investing from the inside out: how Learnerships can transform your business

In a country where our unemployment rate sits at an estimated 4.3-million people, obvious action needs to be taken from the people who have the option of doing so. Empowered people empower people, and Learnerships are how many companies can do just that.  

Being a business owner is a massive responsibility. You may find yourself wondering how you and your company can make an impact in your industry and contribute to the overall growth of South Africa’s economic well-being. Fortunately, a plan has been drafted, examined, and implemented, and getting on board is a few constructive conversations away. 

Learnerships in South Africa

To get everybody on the same page, let’s take a quick look at what a Learnership is to gain an understanding of the deeper intent behind these programmes. Learnerships were implemented by the Department of Education to close the poverty gap and rectify the unemployment and skills scarcity crisis in South Africa. 

A Learnership gives young (and mature) South Africans the opportunity to study towards a National Qualifications Framework qualification whilst gaining relevant industry experience. This is important when most South Africans live in households that can’t afford a loss of income whilst their family members study and so, the poverty cycle continues. 

Unless, we can get education, experience and time on our side. 

Effective and scalable growth comes from the inside out of any organization. Putting intentional effort into the growth and upliftment of your employees is how you build and maintain a concrete foundation for your business message, purpose and future endeavours. If you take care of the internal, the external seems to take care of itself. Making the call to offer a Learnership programme within your business is a decision that not only benefits the trainee in question but extends to multiple corners of your business. 

Where the growth will happen

When you bring a Learnership programme for your company, you are investing in two things. 

  1. The professional growth and education of a bright young South African 
  2. The organic and sustainable growth of your business. 

Investing in a learner will benefit your company on a variety of levels, and we’re going to have a look through a few of them. 

Your return on investment

If Learnerships are an investment, we should probably talk about tangible rewards. 

Your workforce

The essence of a company is its employees and serious growth happens when you invest in the people who work for you.  Adopting Learnerships into your business means you will employ people who are: 


Having an adequately skilled workforce is nice, but having a workforce made of multiskilled employees who have grown within your business is hugely advantageous. Learnerships pave the path for ensuring your future employees have improved skill sets and competencies that will ultimately enhance their overall work performance. 


Learnerships create independent thinkers that can navigate their way through their job and industry. 

When a graduate comes fresh from completing their qualification, an employer has little proof that they can execute the practical aspects of the job. It often turns out that your new employee has learned everything they know from the pages of a book and have no problem-solving skills or necessary hands-on experience. When conducting a learnership, you can be sure that your learner is receiving competency training as they study. 


Longevity isn’t so common these days but people tend to invest in those who have invested in them (most of the time). Investing in a young learner could potentially mean investing in a highly valuable employee that does the world of good to your business. 

Your brand value and company reputation

At the end of the day, nurturing your company from the inside out is going to position your company as one that cares about, contributes to, and creates opportunities for the youth of South Africa. 

A company that gives back is a company that thrives and adding Learnerships to your list lets future partners, employees and stakeholders know that you are serious about being a business of value. 

The Knowledge Trust is founded on the belief that real transformation happens at a grass-roots level. Our job is to help you make the right connections between you, credible institutions and the best candidate when you decided to introduce a Learnership programme for your company. 

Get in touch and we can get to know more about how you’re planning to grow your business in a seriously impactful way. 

The Trusted  Team 🚀

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