Mentorship Overview

Trusted Mentorship

This mentorship programme came about when we realized that the youth needed more than just jobs. This is an opportunity for them to learn valuable skills from mentors who have gained real-life experience. 

We’ve expanded our community so that our mentors get to nurture the youth of South Africa, and our jobseekers get to learn from industry leaders. 

What you can expect


Read advice from recruiters, educators, hiring managers and your peers.
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Panel Discussions

Don't miss our panel discussions on career progression.
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WhatsApp Webinars

Join our WhatsApp groups to get advice directly from industry leaders.
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Listen to our conversations with recruiters, educators, hiring managers and your peers.
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Mentors and Mentees can both start discussions on any topic. The aim is to connect one another where Mentors can answers any questions the youth may have with regards to their careers. 

For Connecting

The mentorship group is designed to connect the community and allow for information to be exchanged. Share your thoughts, insights and opportunities with the network and contribute to the growth of our community.

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