Monthly Health

What's the story?

This Learner Absorption Programme integrates 5 key elements (Mental health, strong relationship building, engagement, self management and critical thinking) that develop an all rounded professional individual. If you’ve recently started a new journey in your professional career, then you’re probably expected to learn on the go, absorb a lot of new information all while trying to find your place in the world of work. We’re walking you through this confusing process by introducing a monthly health check survey to check in on how you’re doing and where we can help.

Who should take this Survey?

> Members that are CURRENTLY part of the Learnership Absorption Programme

Why this survey is important?

> It is an anonymous survey that will allow you to share your experience as an FLP beneficiary

>  Both you and your employer will be able to keep track of your progress in the FLP programme which will better the overall experience

> You can get help in areas that you need support in to succeed in your FLP journey

> It forms part of your membership in the programme – It enhances your chances of qualifying for double premiums at the end of your journey

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