10x MultiChoice Bursaries

The Headlines

Who is MultiChoice?

MultiChoice is an entertainment company that provides digital and satellite television services in sub-Saharan Africa. They have leveraged the power of entertainment and are using it to enrich lives by giving access to the world and showcasing entertainment content that tells local and international stories. 

The opportunity

MultiChoice is offering 10 bursary opportunities to individuals to pursue their studies in a related STEM field,  this is inclusive of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The bursary will cover 1️⃣  a year’s tuition,  2️⃣  accommodation fees between R35 000- R40 000, and 3️⃣  a monthly stipend of R3 500 to cover personal expenses

Eligability criteria

You should be intending to or already pursuing studies in one of the following fields

Documents Required

Please note:

If you’re struggling to apply, please email [email protected] to submit your query.

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