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We started our journey in November 2016 and launched to the public in April 2018 with a transparent and fair insurance platform. Our platform allows digital, tech savvy, self-directed South Africans to have total control over how, when and what they insure and total confidence that the cover they pay for, is the cover they will get.

To support this, we’re rebuilding the value chain from the ground up using modern tech (no legacy insurance systems), to make sure that the customer experience is fast, fresh and delightful.

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We are transparent, driven and focused on empowering both our customers and employees – we’re real people who are passionate about what we do. The team is still small so everyone gets to contribute in a way that really matters.

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At Naked we operate in a fast-paced, challenging start-up environment where we are changing the future of insurance. You’ll learn about tech, insurance and have the opportunity to get involved in various aspects of the business. We are looking for motivated graduates who are eager to grow and not afraid to put up their hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

The core hours, when the whole team Naked is online, is 9:00 – 15:00. Outside of that you can chat to your team to set up a flexible work schedule. Heads-up! If you’re joining our Operations team, these hours will be different depending on the team’s work schedule.

Each team player goes above and beyond to deliver. But we also know how to have fun while doing it! Whenever we’re on a call or in the office, there’s no shortage of banter or laughter. We’re still early on in our journey at Naked so there’s plenty of opportunity for growth in personal development. As for the social side of things, we make sure we make time for getting together as a team and letting our hair down.

We’re all mostly working from home, except for the Operations and Marketing teams that go into the office every now and then. Although we really miss each other, we’ve managed to adapt quite well. You can read how we #WFH here.

At Naked, our primary source of communication is Slack – even when we’re in the office. Emails are very formal and take time to type out, whereas Slack is like the WhatsApp of the working world. It’s easy to share documents, ask for feedback or even have a call.

We’re also big fans of switching our video on during calls and have set up daily stand-ups for all the teams to check in with each other. It brings a sense of normalcy to our working day, but also allows us to iron out any hiccups that we would normally talk about in the office.

To make sure everyone is up to date with what’s happening, we have regular meetings for the entire team. All Hands (our company wide meeting) takes place every second Monday at 13:00 where all the teams give a short update on what they have been busy with. The Company Demo happens that Friday at 13:00. During this session, the three dev and AI squads demo the work they completed in the last two weeks.

To make sure we don’t become total strangers while working at home, we’ve also scheduled Shake the Love every second Friday at 16:00 where everyone grabs a drink and catches up on the fun stuff.

When we do go to the office, there is no formal dress code. The general dress code is casual – jeans and sneakers are a firm favourite amongst the team. You can feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in (as long as it’s not offensive and all those things).

Nope, we will order a laptop for you and have it delivered to you or waiting at the Naked office.

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