Step 2 personal trainer bursary

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You have been invited to complete step 2 of the process, congratulations!

In order to win a 10-month Personal Trainer bursary to study either online or at one of our 10 campuses nationwide, you need to complete the challenge!


You have to create a 30-minute workout. You can submit it in any way you’d like. Videos are fun but not the only way if you are camera shy…

Clearly explain to us what your 30-minute workout will include. You must include a Warm-Up, then the Workout, and end it off with a Cool Down. 

Types of workouts can be HIIT, AMRAP, strength training… the list goes on.

Have fun, train a friend and send it over to us!

We’re excited to see your entries…final submission date is Friday (27th of November 2020)

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When you click the button below, you will be redirected to a Google form to complete your application. Please upload your 30 minute workout in either a video or file format there. 

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