#72: Dylan

We firmly believe that graduates’ potential and value is often overlooked and we wish that more employers would take a chance and give them the stepping stone that they need to get going in the big wide world. Those that do, don’t know where to find them.
We also understand that some graduates don’t know where or how to start looking. They need a way to reach the audience that wants to find them.
Our platform is aimed at bringing these people together, and while we try to solve their individual employment needs, we are simultaneously solving something much bigger than that.

Being able to uplift incredible graduates and help them get the internships they want makes us feel all fuzzy and warm inside. We at Trusted Interns have decided to share this feeling with you by telling some of our graduates’ success stories.

Meet Dylan.

Quicker Than ‘5 More Minutes’ in the Morning
Dylan is an honours graduate who found an internship through Trusted Interns. He signed up to Trusted Interns on a Sunday evening, (relatable right? That moment of panic that inspires you to get your life together before the start of the week? We’ve all been there…) and his profile was approved the next day. By Thursday he had an interview, which he nailed, and started working at Red & Yellow the next Monday!

He says that the most frustrating part of his job-search before Trusted Interns was finding a place that was willing to hire graduates with no experience. Most places would like at least one year of experience before they hire you, but hardly anybody is willing to give you that year! Luckily for Dylan, Red & Yellow know the struggle, and offer a fantastic graduate programme to help individuals gain that precious work experience that so many places want to see.

Define Heartbreak (10 marks)
Picture this: you’re an eager graduate, ravenous for opportunity. You spend day and night trawling jobs boards, searching for your perfect position. Suddenly, something catches your eye.

Could this really be it, after all this time?

Decent pay, a reasonable commute, no experience required, AND a coffee machine in the office?! You’re about to attach your CV and cover letter to the application, and then you see it…

‘Posted 1 year ago.’

Dylan’s favourite part of his Trusted Interns experience, besides getting a job in a week, was the fact that our jobs expire, and applications close. This really helped him to manage his expectations and give him a timeframe that he could hope to hear back from employers in.

A Gift From Dylan
Dylan’s advice to other graduates would be to start looking for a job well before you need to – at least a couple of months. He wishes someone had given him that advice and guidance so he’s giving it to you!

Giving yourself some time to get organised will also give you a chance to decide what kind of position you want to look for – internship, graduate programme, permanent, contract? Making these decisions ahead of time will help you to not feel so stressed and under pressure further down the line.

Palms Sweaty, Knees Weak…
Job interviews are notoriously nerve-wracking, especially for a graduate who has never had one before. These nerves lead to an inevitable Google of ‘job interview practice questions’ which reveals a list of standard questions that fill any human with terror. Things like “what do you consider your biggest weakness to be?,” and “why should we hire you?,” and no matter how thoroughly you rehearse your answers, you still get a hot flush and see stars when you deliver your answers to the employers sitting before you.

We asked Dylan which of these types of questions he would have banned from job interviews and his answer was “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. We most definitely concur.

He emphasises how important it is to be yourself in an interview – it’s not worth having a job you can’t feel comfortable in. This being said, make sure you’re as ready for your interviews as you can be. Do some research, bring some knowledge about the company to the table, and have some of your own questions prepared.

A Trusted Interns tip: an interview is just as much about them as it is about you. Make sure you ask the right questions so you can get a sense of whether they are a good fit for you, and not just the other way around. We have another blog post to help you out with this.

Making the Necessary Adjustments
Dylan finally understands (and agrees) with those people who complain about being tired after work… One of the biggest adjustments he had to make was getting used to the long hours.

He also said that he wasn’t quite prepared for how many different tasks he would have to juggle at once over the course of a day. It is something that of course becomes easier with practice, but so is marathon running, or giraffe-riding.

Dylan’s success story is very close to our hearts, and we hope it filled you with as much hope, joy and excitement for the future as it did us. We’ll keep them coming!

You could be our next success – create a free profile today, and get access to over 130 available internships. Sign up and get going over here. It’s that easy.

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