#51: Kelsy & Joané

Kelsy and Joané have a lot in common: both are ninja-level graphic design interns at Yoco, both got their jobs through Trusted Interns, and they are each other’s self-proclaimed work-wives.

Alexa, please Google the definition of ‘work wife’…

A work wife is that person who makes coming to work all worth it. The person who knows how you take your coffee off by heart, the person you eat lunch with every day, the person you save a seat for in meetings, the person you ask to ‘quickly check this email’ for you before you press send.

The person who gives you The Look when a certain someone sniffs for the 8045th time in a row, makes ANOTHER Game of Thrones reference, or sings out loud while listening to music…

The person who is there for you through all your professional learning curves, good days, bad days, and who you would not be able to make it to Friday (or even 5pm today) without.

These grads didn’t know each other before they started working for Yoco, and have been WWs since day 1. Joané says that one of their top priorities is ‘creating opportunities for each other’, and Kelsy says it was ‘fate’ that they started working at the same place at the same time. 

The Good, The Great and The Wonderful

Joané’s favourite part of her Trusted Interns experience was getting to interact with our friendly bot, Ted. Ted is available to answer most of your questions on the platform, and if he’s unsure, he simply refers you to our super(human) Candidate Success team.

Kelsy shares our belief in the importance of empowering and uplifting unemployed youth, so being able to find a job through our platform was a special journey for her, and her favourite part was her encounters with the team. 

Easier Said Than Done

Last week, we introduced you to Dylan who got a job just one week after signing up to Trusted Interns. (Read Dylan’s success story here.) Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for everyone. Joané’s most difficult part of job-hunting was trying to remember that “sometimes you are precisely what a company is looking for, just maybe not the company you applied for.”

Her advice to job-seeking graduates would be “it takes time”. Your perfect job very rarely lands in your lap the first time you look for it. Sometimes you have to put ‘bread on the table and pursue your dreams on the side for a while’. If you are a creative trying to build a portfolio, she recommends giving yourself fake briefs and clients.

Kelsy’s advice is “don’t give up and don’t take it personally…patience and confidence are your only weapon.”  She tried hard to keep these words in the back of her mind while she was navigating her way through the convoluted learning curve of job-hunting as a graduate, and her perseverance paid off. 

A Trusted Interns Tip: try to apply for internships that match your skills and qualifications so that you stand a better chance at being considered, and you also avoid feeling unnecessarily dejected. Good vibes only!

All The Small Things

Kelsy says that working for Yoco has its obvious perks like free snacks and coffee, but it’s the less obvious ones that drive her. Her biggest joy has been being a part of a company that cares for and nurtures small businesses, and it’s been really great for her to be part of a team whose work has such an important impact.

Joané agrees, and says that she feels super lucky and proud of the work they create. Internships are a great way to learn and enhance your skills, so take advantage of the opportunity and ask heaps of questions while you’re there.  

It’s Not All Smooth Sailing

It’s always super intimidating being the newest person in the office, even more so when you’re an intern fresh out of university. And it doesn’t help when you do things like trip over a carpet…and dive headfirst into a wall…while carrying a box of glasses…like Kelsy did…

Or when you’re trying to get into your colleagues’ good books and you’re sitting at your desk looking super dedicated, focused and BUSY.

All of a sudden, Gold Digger by Kanye West starts blaring from your laptop speakers while everyone is hard at work. Great job, Joané.

It’s completely normal to take a while to find your feet and start to feel comfortable and even confident in a new job. Just remember, they wouldn’t have chosen you if you weren’t anything less than the best person for the job. Back yourself, learn as much as you can, and give 100% effort 100% of the time.

You could be our next success – create a free profile today, and get access to over 130 available internships. Sign up and get going over here. It’s that easy.

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