They Need a Cover Letter too – What’s that about?

We’ve touched on your CV and your lecturers have been begging you to submit your portfolio but now you need to write a cover letter. What’s in a cover letter, you may ask?

Your cover letter tells the story of where you’ve been, where you are now and where you intend to be – career-wise. If you can help it, make sure your cover letter is directed at a specific person within the company. In fact, if you are applying for a particular role, make it your life’s mission to find out who will be reading that cover letter.

For the purposes of this exercise, however, you may just have to compile a generic letter that’s not longer than a page. The content should read as follows:

  • This is me
  • This is what I’ve done
  • This is where I excel (i.e. this is what I can offer a company)
  • This is what I’d like to get out of an internship

Keep it short (roughly 3/4 of a page).

Fun fact – hiring managers read cover letters first and often allow that to be a deciding factor on whether you get an interview, so make it good.

Onwards & Upwards!

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