Trusted Interns

A Platform for the Youth

Trusted Interns is a platform designed to bring all stakeholders in the youth eco-system onto the same page. 

Employers, jobseekers, educators, entrepreneurs, mentors and funders. 

Our mentors have worked at

For Careers

Right now, 492 028 entry-level job seekers use Trusted Interns to apply for jobs with over 400 companies across South Africa. We believe that the right bum should be in the right seat to do the right thing. That’s why we screen and shortlist all candidates before making introductions.

For Mentorship

There are tens of thousands of youth using this platform who come from all walks of life and different stages of their career. This diversity is powerful and can be harnessed to progress our community through peer-to-peer mentorship. 

We have a community forum where you can post ideas, questions, opinions or solutions. We are stronger together.


Read advice from recruiters, educators, hiring managers and your peers.

WhatsApp Webinars

Join our WhatsApp webinars to learn from our mentor network.

Panel Discussions

Sit in on panel discussions with leaders in industry and business.


Coming Soon: Access a series of podcasts to learn and grow.

For Learning & Earning

There is always room to grow and always space to learn. Our community gets access to online courses directly via our platform and through our extended partner network of training providers. Earn points, badges and ranks as you learn everything you need to help you land your first job. 

For Connecting

We are a social platform for youth, educators, employers and funders to connect and exchange value. Share your thoughts, insights and opportunities with the network and contribute to the growth of our community.

Free Job Listings for Youth Month