Unpacking, visualising and executing your 2021 career goals

It’s time we had a conversation about how your mind might be the only tool you need to execute your 2021 career goals – and beyond. 

For so many of us, we are anxiously awaiting the start of 2021 even if only to get the dreaded 0 out of the way at the end of 2020 to symbolically move on. After the world gets shaken around a bit and the global community collectively gets a wake-up call about numerous economical, social and health crises, it’s almost impossible that any of us should go into 2021 the same way we started the turn of the decade. 

The inevitable discussion of resolutions is very nearly here – your uncle is supposedly doing his first Ironman at 63 and your ex-girlfriend says that resolutions are a social construct and we are ever-evolving. Wena? You’re here, reading this and wondering how you can take the reigns on where your career is at come the 31st of December 2021. If you’re in the market for some good advice, we’re in the market to give it to you. 

Hone in 

You’re not going to hit the nail on your head with your career resolutions if you don’t sit with them. Take time for introspection seriously, even if you’re a little bit nervous about what may come to the surface. You may find you’re frustrated, disappointed or unfocused and those are sometimes the feelings you just have to go through to clear out the clutter and gain some clarity on what you want to achieve in this life. Knowing yourself, your values and your purpose are the pillars to bringing your resolutions to fruition. Get to know yourself a little bit better by asking yourself some questions you may have ignored for a while: 

  • What does success mean to you? When do you feel successful, ngempela? 
  • How would you describe your purpose at work? Do you have a purpose and if not, what would you want that purpose to be? 
  • What does your everyday life look like now? How would you like it to look? 

Asking and answering these questions is how you’re going to create the most personal and relevant goal for yourself. If you’re looking for a point in the right direction as to what resolutions or new habits you should implement for 2021  read this – we enjoyed it. 


You need to be able to see your goals existing like they’re the back of your hand. 

We know it’s a big ask because this is a big mindset to have – what can we say, we’re big mindset kind of people.  People shy away from visualisation because it sits so closely with a sort of arrogance, doesn’t it? Say what you will, visualisation is an incredibly untapped, underused and uniquely human skill. Visualisation is using the mind to envision your goals – to see them, feel them and experience them in your mind’s eye.  It’s a tough practise but with enough time and focus, you will quickly feel how your ability to conjure up detailed, focused images of what your goals look like strengthens. 

How do you cement this is? You start with affirmations. Speaking a certain narrative or idea out loud every day (or x amount of times a day depending on whether you like talking to yourself in public or not) is a tool that will rewire your thinking and allow ideas, solutions and decision-making to come to the surface to prepare you for what you have already visualised and claimed as yours. For each goal you have, craft an affirmation. The most powerful affirmations are going to look to include two things: 

  1. A statement that is spoken as if your goal has already manifested. 

              “I am grateful to have opened my centre for addiction and rehabilitation. “

  1. The value of what you have created. 

             “I am grateful to have opened my centre for addiction and rehabilitation, and for the change it will bring to the lives of                         addicts in rural areas.”

Do you see how specifications make a difference? Voicing the value and benefits of what you want allows you to feel the joy and pride and humility that come with achieving a big goal.  Subsequentially your mind knows the feeling and works better towards creating it again. 


If you’re a marketing student,  you may be rolling your eyes because you’ve seen this acronym a million times but it is still incredibly relevant! Your goals need to be able to exist in the real world: you need your career goals to be SMART. 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Using these four elements will give your goals the cutting edge they need to stick and not fall by the wayside. The SMART goal tool allows you to set the parameters of your goal which will streamline the way you get there. Just as you sit and hone in on the big questions, sit and flesh out how your goals can be made significantly more achievable by framing them in your mind as tangible, result-driven happenings. 

So, go out into the world with a mind that makes big things happen. Believe us when we say, we’ve seen lives changed in major ways when a little shift in perspective comes about. 

Our team can’t wait for what the New Year brings and we trust it will be prosperous for you and yours. 

The Knowledge Trust Team 🚀

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