Upskill yourself as a young South African

A comprehensive look at how to upskill yourself online for next to nothing (and why investing in yourself is the way to go)

Looking back at the year, 2020 has been filled to the brim with lessons, changes and opportunities that have pushed the education sector in ways we never could have imagined. A global pandemic has shifted the way we learn, teach and apply what we know has changed drastically whilst education platforms have had to keep up. The question is: how are they doing it and how can it work to your advantage. 

Most online platforms have done some impressive pivots around their strategies and what they offer, allowing cheaper or free courses to be available to everybody and anybody with an internet connection and a passion for self-improvement – which is something the The Knowledge Trust Team can 100% get on board with. 

We understand that tertiary education is costly and at our core, The Knowledge Trust is dedicated to creating an equilibrium in access to education and furthering your studies. This is why we get so excited when we see education platforms contributing towards leveling out the playing field – and we’re writing this to give you some insight on where and why you should be looking to upskill. 

What is upskilling and how does it change the game? 

Every day there are breakthrough discoveries in technology, psychology and niche industries – it almost seems impossible to keep up to date with it all. Tools are constantly created to do jobs that were once done by a living-breathing human and the rate of traditional learning just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Why? 

Now, more than ever, skills are changing at a rapid rate. Skills you learned two years ago (honestly, maybe even six months ago) may be completely redundant now, a clear example of how adaptability is the number one strength you can take with you into the job market. To upskill is to add relevant and competitive skills to your arsenal, widening the spectrum of what you can bring to the table.  Online self-learning has become an invaluable asset to various groups of job-seekers and self-improvement enthusiasts. Whether you have a degree or not, having access to online self-learning courses is a sure-fire way to let employers know that you take yourself and your career seriously. 

Upskill with The Knowledge Trust 

Every time you make a conscious decision to improve your knowledge, you are taking a small step in the right direction and before you know it, your decisions will be recognised and rewarded. Upskilling doesn’t need to be in a traditional learning space and it doesn’t need to be expensive. However, if you are seriously invested in honing what skills you can bring to the table, we would (objectively) recommend you take a browse through the courses we have on offer. 

For starters, The Knowledge Trust partners with  Red and Yellow to create learnerships that are curated for the creative-minded with an eye for strategy or business.  Listen to what they have to say about starting a learnership and how it can fit into your life. 

The learnership or internship that we find the perfect candidate for is designed with self-improvement in mind. At the core of who we are, we want all young South Africans to have the same education and experience to create an equal opportunity playing field in the job market. This is why we do our best, always, to make education more accessible to more people more often accessible through bursaries and discounted education to give deserving students the chance to expand their horizon. 

Of all the people that sign up to do online courses, the completion rate is still only 5-20%, so when you complete an online course it shows you have the discipline and tenacity to go the extra mile. 

Discover: if changing traditional ways of learning and business excites you, check out this conversation we had with Jean du Plessis on preparing for your first remote job. 

What are my other options? 

Options are the plague of the new age, it seems! If you aren’t ready to commit to one of our courses, take a look at what the world wide web has to offer. 

Online learning is already a saturated market, and within each platform, there seem to be a million courses on the same thing which can make the whole process somewhat daunting. Here’s the thing: the plethora of options available combined with a generational decrease in self-motivation is what stops people from learning on their own. For starters, you have Google, a search engine after our own hearts. Google has stepped up to the plate in a major way with the free courses it has on offer. It goes without saying that the courses Google offers are primarily designed for the digital space – courses range from coding, analytics, SEO and social media management. Jump here to explore Google Digital Skills for Africa. 

The other exciting option is upskilling in your place of business. Working at a company that values investing in the skills and learnership of their employees is a good sign – it means they have the right intentions and a mindset for growth. Upskilling internally should, as all transparent relationships, benefit both parties and it’s clear to see where those benefits happen. Employees are challenged, stimulated and excited in their roles which ultimately leads to a productive work dynamic. 

These are really just the tip of the iceberg and a great way to get started if you have the discipline to finish. Alternatively, if your goals are sky-high and if you would like to talk to us about applying for the courses and bursaries we have on offer, it would be a great pleasure to get the ball rolling on your career with you. Get in touch and in the loop with one of our fantastic team members. 

The Trusted Team 🚀

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