What are FLP’s

I’m sure you’re wondering : “What is a FLP?“, well we have the answer to that and so much more you may want to know about FLP’s. Firstly, a FLP is a funded learning programme that has three components :

  1. A work component
  2. A study component
  3. and a stipend

FLPs are facilitated by employers and training providers to recruit, employ and retain top talent. Funded Learning Programmes are a great way for young individuals to earn a qualification, gain work experience and access professional relationships at the same time. In fact, let’s expand more on the benefits that Funded Learning Programmes present.

Here are 4 benefits of being a learner in a Funded Learning Programme:

  • You gain valuable skills and experience
  • Earn while you learn
  • Get a qualification
  • A chance to secure full-time employment

Now that you know how good the opportunity is for you, here are 4 ways to ensure that FLP ready:

  • Read the resources about FLPs on our blog to to familiarise yourself with the process and know how to succeed.
  • Complete a profile which will make you stand out to FLP providers and give you access to the 1 click apply, (more on this when you keep reading).
  • Upload your documents along with your application.
  • Apply for opportunities as they become available.

As promised, here are two very important reasons on why completing your profile sets you up for success with FLPs:

  • Firstly, a complete profile saves so much time on both the recruiters’ end and your end. This convenience could lead you to get an opportunity in the shortest amount of time possible, isn’t that great news?!
  • Secondly, having a complete profile means that your suitability for the available opportunity can be assessed quicker and you can get a response in no time! No more wondering if you will be rejected or if you qualify.
  • As soon as an opportunity becomes available, your skills and competencies will be scanned and you will be matched with an opportunity immediately

Now that we’ve answered your basic questions on what FLPs are and how you stand to benefit from them. You are ready to register your profile and start applying to secure your dream opportunity. Apply and get ready to access to opportunities.

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