Why you should partner with us

Since the beginning of The Knowledge Trust, our vision has been to give the youth access to more education and career opportunities in a sustainable manner but we have not done this alone. 

We’ve made positive strides towards this with our successful placements and partnerships formed with over 200 different partners: 

  • Commercial partners
  • Training providers 
  • Talent partners 
  • Education partners 
  • Talent Development Partners

Our partners have all partnered with us in our mission to make this possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to source and retain top talent, meet the needs of different partners and give the youth opportunities to secure learning and earning opportunities.

Here are 5 reasons for your organisation to partner with us 

1) A dedicated recruitment function.

More and more companies are doing away with the human resources function to streamline non-core business functions to improve on the core functions and increase productivity. That’s where we come in to handle talent sourcing and recruitment on behalf of your business.  We have a team dedicated to the recruitment function which takes the hassle out of the recruitment process. The recruitment process has become increasingly complex, and you and your team may be responsible for handling this process in addition to your other responsibilities. More and more companies By employing our services you can focus on training your team with the full confidence that you’ll be able to retain all your candidates at the end of the process. 

2) Access to a large talent pool. 

We are continuously at work growing our member base to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and diverse skills on our database to meet the diverse needs of different organizations.  We offer a diverse member base of over 450 000 young individuals with varying skills across a wide range of business functions. This contributes to a short turnaround time in the recruitment process which allows us to staff your company needs and handle briefs in the shortest amount of time possible.  In addition to this, having a growing member base means that we can offer competitive pricing and still give full value for our services. 

3) Quick and effective turnaround times 

To aid our quick and effective turnaround times we have established WhatsApp communication for initial interview processes like document collection and screening questions. Not only does it speak to our innovative business approaches but also enables us to screen and shortlist applicants fast as well as be in constant communication with applicants who meet the criteria. 

4) Innovative recruitment practices 

Introducing WhatsApp to our recruitment process has not only ensured that we are able to recruit top talent but also means we are able to reach larger audiences using a platform that has a little cost and is widely accessible to many. This has contributed to the lives of many as we are to provide opportunities across different backgrounds and eliminate barriers to access for the youth who depend on it. Through this platform, we were able to pioneer a first by establishing a career expo hosted exclusively on WhatsApp.  

5) A trusted reputation and value-add to your organisation 

Add value to your company today by partnering with us for your recruitment and onboarding needs. Our impressive placement and partnership record means we’ve earned the trust of our partners and have a reputation that speaks volumes that you can rest assured that your business’ talent needs are in the right hands. 

If you are looking to provide education and career development opportunities, look no further than The Knowledge Trust for a dedicated recruitment function, a large large talent pool with comprising of a varying set of skills and tech led recruitment process that save time. Get in touch with a consultant to find out more on https://bit.ly/3ob1cT4

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