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Who is Inscape?

Inscape Education Group is the oldest privately-owned multi-disciplinary creative arts institution in South Africa and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The Inscape Scholarship Programme was established in 2014. To date, the Institute has awarded in excess of R11 million in scholarships.

For 2021 alone, Inscape will be contributing R1 million to members of The Knowledge Trust to further their education.

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Inscape Education Group in partnership with The Knowledge Trust is awarding up to R1-million in scholarships to individuals pursuing a career in Ideation Design or Digital Marketing & Communication.

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What is Ideation Design?

Ideation is the process of creating and developing ideas to suitably address problem-solving within a given environment or system. The implementation of idea-generation to the realization of a measurable output is key to a successful ideation process.

Studying ideation can get you a job as a graphic designer, digital designer, user experience designer, art director, design consultant, or basically any job that requires creativity.

What is ideation design?

What is an ideationist?

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Does the industry or job market understand what the role of Ideation Design is?

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Bachelor of Design specialising in
Ideation Design

Ideation design is the ability to identify complex problems, engage in detailed research and analysis to implement solutions for effective change or improvement in business-related activities. The course involves strategy and creative design solution, design research, understanding processes and systems and design thinking.

View this course on the Inscape website for more info.


Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing
and Communication

This course holds a strong focus on teaching students how to use digital technology to apply Marketing and Communication theories and approaches in both local and global contexts. It equips students with communication, marketing and multi-disciplinary knowledge that is applied using creative design thinking skills and digital technology.

View this course on the Inscape website for more info.

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