Happy Women's Month!

We're celebrating YOU.

August officially marks women’s month, and we want to celebrate YOU. This is the month commemorating the generations of women who fought for pertinent issues faced by fellow women including gender equality and female empowerment. We as South African women are here today, with the privileges we do have, because of the foundation that was laid by the many strong women   before us.

However, this aside, the reality is that we as women in South Africa still experience the bitter effects of femininity in many aspects of our day to day lives. In order to bring attention to some important issues faced by our women, while simultaneously celebrating our strength, courage and achievements – The ladies of The Knowledge Trust will be running a women’s month campaign.       For women, by women for the duration of August.

What's the story?

Each week, we will open up our platform to hear from our beloved members on different challenges we face such as being a woman in society, being a woman in the workplace and the complexities of gender based violence. This is an opportunity for us as women to connect and uplift each other.

For the first 3 weeks of the month, we will be rewarding 3 members weekly with gifts to celebrate their resilience, of which one of these lucky members will be invited to an exclusive “ladies who lunch” virtual meeting with us.

Women In The Workplace

“You often hear “Jack of all Trades” but what about “Jill of all slay?” Because that is what women are when they are able to manage relationships, households, careers/job-seeking, education and their own wellbeing!
But being Super Woman can come at a mental or emotional cost. No matter how strong, no one needs to be all things to all people. There needs to be time for rest and personal strategy or reflection.
Please share with us how you or a woman you admire navigates their career/job-seeking/education with personal relationships and roles. And how many of these roles do you think can be mastered at a time?”

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