Youth Month: Free Job Listings

Youth Month 2020

June is a period to celebrate the young heroes of our country. The future leaders. The changemakers. 

To help you do this, we’re opening our platform and offering free job listings for the month and running a series of crowd-sourced mentorship events.

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Free Job Listings

Right now, 493 741 entry-level job seekers use Trusted Interns to apply for internships, learnerhips, graduate programmes, YES programmes and bursaries with over 400 companies across South Africa.

Until the end of June, it’s free to post job listings on the platform. This doesn’t include our shortlisting service.

Youth Mentorship

The smallest gesture can make the hugest difference. Our part-time mentorship programme is a crowdsourced initiative powered by our community of Trusted Mentors.

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Free Job Listings for Youth Month