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Hope you’ve all had a prosperous week! It was great to see those of you who joined the In the BoardZoom with Marcus on Tuesday, what an interesting chap, let’s hope he joins our chapter.

I’ll get stuck straight into it. For this week we have:

  1. In the BoardZoom – 21 July 2020
  2. My pick for your Global Event of the Fortnight
  3. Rob’s top 5 learning links
  4. Getting curious about our members
  5. Chapter stuff

In the BoardZoom with Harry Clarke, author of Mistakes Millionaires Make

I’m really excited about the next guest into our BoardZoom if only because of the rave feedback from his session at last year’s Edge conference. I obviously missed him then, but now, thanks to the kind intro by Rob Sussman we have him live in a 4×4 gallery, or just his big face if you don’t want to see the rest of us. Harry Clark is a highly-awarded serial entrepreneur, business advisor, board member and keynote speaker on entrepreneurship. He was the founder and CEO of two Inc. 500 companies, awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and has had two exits.

He was formerly the CEO and co-founder of a modular design-build and development company. He grew it from a start-up to $100 million and 450 employees in five years. The company earned its ranking on the Inc. 500.

Harry was also CEO and founder of a municipal fintech and finserv company. The company was ranked in the Inc. 500 and he was also awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. Harry sold this company to MBIA, a $14 billion Fortune 100 company.

Fast Facts:

What: Harry Clarke, author of Mistakes Millionaires Make

When: 21 July 2020

Who: Cape Town Members only – guests limited to 14. On this, please don’t be late. It’s a very small room and I want to give our guest the respect of punctuality and the proper introduction to everyone in the room. Also, if you need to, please cancel early. We had a fairly long waiting list for the last event and I suspect this will be the same and I don’t want a wasted seat. 

Cape Town time: 4pm – 5:30pm

Register here:

My pick for Global Event of the Fortnight is <>:



Fast Facts

What: <>

When: <>

Who: <>

Cape Town time: <>

Register here:

Rob’s top 5 learning links!

  1. This is a big NYT article and not just because of its length. It purports to deal with the concept of reparations to black Americans’, but so much more than that for me it was a powerful history lesson and a huge reminder of the multi-generational pyramid of privilege atop which many of us in YPO sit. 30 minute read: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/06/24/magazine/reparations-slavery.html
  2. Everyone loves a bit of game theory in the morning. This post from the Farnam Street blog looks at coordination problems and how we need to understand them in order to solve the world’s problems. 2 minute read: https://fs.blog/2020/06/coordination-problems/
  3. I first became interested in fasting when I realised that most religions and cultures had some element of it which was a signal to me of its usefulness. This Peter Attia interview of with Eileen White, Chief Scientific Officer at the Rutgers Cancer Institute, is a deeply technical look into fasting and in particular autophagy which I find particularly fascinating. 
  1. A 1 minute quick read. Fred Wilson on Leading virtually: https://avc.com/2020/06/leading-virtually/ 
  2. Finally, I have a folder of about 15 M&A/deal making “best practice” decks from a YPO event that was shared by someone in YPO at least a year ago, but I only got to them last week. If you are looking at some M&A action and aren’t an M&A pro, they are really useful. They are about a 5 hour read and housed in a confidential Google drive (not mine) so ping me if you would like me to add you. Members only.

Getting curious about our Members:

Shae Chelin


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